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ShorePort Flexi-Hinge Assembly

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Part Number: 1007015

Product Description: ShorePort Flexi-Hinge Assembly (pair) (front of ShorePort to floating dock)

Flexible attachment for connecting ShorePort to traditional wood or metal floating docks. For perpendicular, or front mount only. Can also be used an a quick, convenient and flexible way to attach PolyDock floating dock sections to metal or wood floating docks. Great for using a PolyDock section to create a patio within an existing floating dock slip.

Included in the Box:

1 x 1000767 MH Box - Adj Cradle Uncoated 22.0 X 7.25 X 6.0 Fol 32C
2 x 1001127 Rubber Conveyor Belting Plate 11/16" X 6" X 8"
6 x 1003236 Shoreport Flexi-Hinge Slotted Angle 6.0 -2006 (HAAS 36.71)
2 x 1003259 Shoreport Flexi-Hinge Assy Extension Plate - 16.75 (2006) 
2 x 1003814 Wdmt Flexi-Hinge Shoreport
2 x 1004512 Poly Connector Rod Long 13-7/8" 316 Composite with Hardware (each)
1 x 1004578 Bolt Bag -Shoreport Flexi-Hinge Assy
2 x 1005729 Prt Accessory Connector Top - Poly Dock 6.5

Installation Instructions


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FAQs: ShorePort Flexi-Hinge Assembly Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the ShorePort Flexi-Hinge Assembly?

The ShorePort Flexi-Hinge Assembly is designed to connect your ShorePort PWC (Personal Watercraft) platform to a floating dock system. The Flexi-Hinge Assembly provides flexibility, allowing the platform to move with the water's natural motion and ensuring a secure connection between the ShorePort and the dock.

What components are included in the ShorePort Flexi-Hinge Assembly package?

The ShorePort Flexi-Hinge Assembly package includes the necessary components to connect your ShorePort PWC platform to a floating dock system. For more information on the specific components included or for installation guidance, you can contact one of ShoreMaster's many dealers or their in-house experts at 888-298-9702.