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Boat lift installation is one of the best choices that you can make for your watercraft. A good boat lift will protect your boat from waves, other boats, your dock, and even the water itself. Your boat lift will make it easier to keep your boat clean as well, and with a boat lift canopy you can keep it safe from the weather and other debris. A boat lift is a great investment to make in both your waterfront and your boat. However, not every lift is a good fit for every boat. In order to protect your boat as well as your lift, you need to think about the conditions it will be operating under. Three of the biggest areas to consider before you make your purchase are the water you’ll be boating in, the boat that you have, and how you’ll be lifting it in and out of the water.

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  • Vertical Lift Leg Adjustment Bolt Bag Pins

    Vertical Lift Leg Adjustment Bolt Bag Pins

    Part Number: 1007518 Included in the Box: 4 x 1002278 MH Hair Pin Keeper #10 SS4 x 1002600 Pin-J 3/8 X 3-29/32 SS 304 Have more questions? Contact one of our many dealers or call our in-house experts - 888-298-9702 Easy Returns. Manage your returns...

  • ShorePort Stand Off Connection

    ShorePort Stand Off Connection

    Part Number: 1006715 Product Description: Stand Off Bracket (Pair) for PolyDock floating dock systems provide additional support for connecting PolyDock or ShorePort offset from standing docks, seawalls, and decks, and can also be used to provide...

  • ShorePort Pipe Bracket Large

    ShorePort Pipe Bracket Large

    Part Number: 1029310- Gray, 1022952 - Tan Product Description: Holds dock system and ShorePorts in place when used with 2” schedule 40 galvanized pipe (sold separately). Allows the system to remain in place while adjusting...

  • ShorePort Rear Pipe Bracket

    ShorePort Rear Pipe Bracket

    Part Numbers: 1029314- Grey, 1022951 - Tan Product Description: ShorePort Rear Pipe Bracket attaches to the rear of the ShorePort jet ski port to provide additional stability to single or multiple ShorePort installations...

  • Wheel Kit Brackets Wheel Kit Brackets Wheel Kit Brackets Wheel Kit Brackets

    Wheel Kit Brackets

    Part Number: 1007018 Includes a pair of Brackets Included in the Box: 1 x 1000760 MH Box Universal Wheel Caddy FOL TPD 5 1/4 x 3 5/8 x 24 200C1 x 1001790 Bolt Bag Universal Lift Caddy2 x 1005797 Prt Axle - Universal Wheel Caddy (15.5...

  • Polyethylene Tires Polyethylene Tires

    Polyethylene Tires

    Part Number: 1007829Product Description: ShoreMaster's 24" Poly Tires are a great choice for waterfront equipment applications and can be used with dock and boat lift accessories that utilize a 2" diameter (or smaller) axle. Their rotationally...

  • Tri-Caddy Hardware Tri-Caddy Hardware

    Tri-Caddy Hardware

    Part Number: 1007000 Product Description: Make installation and removal of your boat lift a breeze. The Wheel Caddy aids in the installation and removal of your boat lift for seasonal use and storage. Once the caddy system is attached and 24"...

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