Pontoon Adjustable Motor Stop

$301.00 - $332.00

Straight Rack & V Rack

Designed exclusively for pontoons! The Pontoon Motor Stop helps position your pontoon on the lift.

Installation Instructions: Click Here

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1 Review

Dustin Hager Jul 18th 2019


First off I call shoremaster to be sure this fit my lift. I am told to be sure I order correctly for either a v rack or a straight rack. I order a straight rack and shoremaster sends me a stop for a v rack. Customer service is quick to send a replacement however getting them the return was nearly a nightmare. The process to get the UPS return tag was awful.

Go to put the rack together and the welds on the braces are so built up the stop legs won’t fit. I had to file the welds down so it would accept the legs of the motor stop. Installation was fine, just needed to drill the holes. The stop works as indicated.

Lastly they claimed to send a ‘free’ sunglasses and hat or something like that. I made a larger purchase, I thought anyways, and despite the packing slip showing it was included nothing was sent.

Overall this process was rather disappointing from Shoremaster.

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