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PolyDock Connector - 21”

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Part Number: 1006631 -Tan, 1029360 -Gray

Product Description: The PolyDock Products Dock Connectors are an integral part of the PolyDock Products Dock Stability System. The length of each floating dock section, and the strength of the PolyDock Connectors act to distribute wave energy throughout the entire dock system. This gives you a firm, flat deck surface that remains incredibly stable in a wide range of weather and wave conditions.

Included in the Box:

2 x 1004512 Poly Connector Rod Long 13-7/8" 316 Composite with Hardware (each)
1 x Part Numbers Vary - Poly Connector Pair 2ft 
1 x Part Numbers Vary - OP Cost - Poly Connector Kit Composite 2ft

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