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A Quick Guide to Proper Boat Dock Storage

Posted by The Shore Shack Marketing Team on Oct 24th 2019

Unless you’re leaving your dock in the water for the fall and winter, boat dock storage is probably already on your mind. ShoreMaster’s local dealers will have tips particular to your area, but when it comes to boat dock storage, these four tips can apply to just about everyone.

Boat Dock Storage Out of the Water

To avoid damage from ice movement, take your dock out of the water and store it somewhere that’s not prone to flooding. Putting blocking or pallets underneath the dock sections, legs, and decking panels to keep everything off of the ground is a good idea as well.

Flat Surfaces Are Better for Boat Dock Storage

Flat surfaces are better for keeping dock sections level and avoiding warping. They also make it much easier to stack sectional docks. Docks from ShoreMaster can be stacked with or without the legs attached: you can have stacks of three or four sections if you leave the legs in and around seven or eight if you remove the legs. It depends on how much storage space you have.

Keep Your Boat Dock Storage Out of Traffic

If you’re storing your boat dock outside, make sure that you flag the area. If your boat dock gets covered in snow, it will be less visible to anyone who’s outdoors, including people using ATVs and snowmobiles. A collision could result in injuries and damage to your dock and the machine.

Right-Side Up Boat Dock Storage

Don’t store your boat dock upside-down. There are drain holes in the bottom of the dock as well as the legs that allow water to pass through it as long as it’s upright. If you store your boat dock upside-down, it could retain or fill up with water, which can freeze and cause damage.

Boat Dock Storage Solutions From ShoreMaster

Storing your boat dock for the winter is a matter of following these simple tips and knowing your area. A local ShoreMaster dealer can help boat dock owners across the country figure out not only what kind of dock and accessories meets their boating season needs, but also how to take care of their dock when boating season comes to an end. Contact a local ShoreMaster dealer to learn more.