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2020 Gift Guide

Posted by The Shore Shack Marketing Team on Dec 7th 2020

Do you have a waterfront owner on your gift list this year? Are you planning to buy something this holiday for your family to enjoy the next boating season? Consider getting a well-designed dock accessory. High-quality boat dock accessories will make your dock look great, perform effortlessly, and t …

What is the Best Dock Decking?

Posted by The Shore Shack Marketing Team on Feb 24th 2020

Without decking, your dock is just a frame sitting in or floating on top of the water. Your decking is what people stand on and feel as they walk down your ramp or gangway onto your dock, which is why making the right choice in decking materials for your dock is crucial. The dock decking you choo …

Dock Customization Ideas

Posted by The Shore Shack Marketing Team on Jan 30th 2020

Waterfront owners spend a lot of time on their shorelines. While generic boat dock layouts and options get the job done, they’re not always the most aesthetically pleasing or a reflection of the unique way that you use the water. Consider these five ways to help customize your waterfront and make yo …