12/24V Lift Boss Boat Lift Motor


Get back on the water faster with a Lift Boss motor. Lift Boss direct drive motors feature super-easy 15-20 minute installation times and long-lasting, corrosion resistant hardware.
Lift Boss is wired and assembled by hand in the USA and tested three times for quality control before packaging. Upgrade your lifts today and experience the difference and convenience a Shoreline Industries Lift Boss motor can provide.

  • Dependable, Maintenance Free Performance
  • Safe, Secure and Easy Installation
  • Maximizes Lift Capacity, Minimizes Lift Strain
  • Fast, Quiet Operation


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Charlie Wood Jul 24th 2019

Lift Boss Boat Lift Motor

I love this new 12 V lift motor! It all started when we decided to upgrade our ski boat hoist with a unit with a wireless remote control. So nice.

Granted, our pontoon isn't all that heavy but I still 'felt the burn' when I had to raise the boat high enough to avoid the 2-4 foot waves we sometimes experience on Hamlin Lake. No more. This lift motor is quiet and works very well.

We opted for the wireless remote for the ShoreMaster lift for our pontoon. It's quite a bit more expensive but it's really nice to be able to hold the pontoon in position and have anyone (or myself) just push a button and have the lift go up. The keyed option still works when you purchase the wireless remote but having to step off the boat to access the key can sometimes be difficult when the wind is strong. It's much easier to hold the boat in position while still onboard. Once the boat is no longer bouncing around you can step onto the dock and continue to lift your boat to the desired height.

The folks at ShoreShack were extremely helpful to ensure I ordered the correct adapter to mate my existing lift winch with the Boat Boss. Installation was very easy thanks to the excellent instructions included with the motor. I'm pretty handy but I'm thrilled when the instructions are written by someone who can write in English.

I opted for the free shipping when advised that it would still reach me in 2-3 days. It did and I am grateful I could save a bundle by not selecting expedited shipping.

One more note of interest. I have several friends who have similar 12 V lift motors. They advised me they go through an entire season without having to recharge their deep cycle battery so I did not purchase the solar charging system. I cannot yet report if I can get through an entire season but figured I would gamble on not getting the solar charging system for now.

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